Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A little list

Sometimes I get the best ideas from others. Ok, well, I'm just a plain ol' copycat. Whateva. This is fun! (Got it from Dear Lizzy, but the answers are mine!)

praying for: a little peace for Kevin.
wearing: Jammies at the moment. Of course I'm blogging instead of getting into the shower to get dressed for the day.
working on: Laundry, trying not to work late every night.
eating: well, drinking, but coffee that my hubby makes every morning with Vanilla creamer.
dreaming of: My Thirty-One business taking off this month.
realizing: I need about five more hours onto my day to accomplish all of my goals.
impatiently waiting: A new car for Kevin.
anticipating: the weekend already. is that sad or what? Two days into the week and I'm burnt.
loving: My long hair right now. It's been forever since I've had long flowing locks!
stalking: My email & phone. I feel like there's something great coming.
feeling: overwhelmed. *sigh*

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Mom told me to & I listened.

And did what she told me to do. Wow, that must be a first. LOL

What's happening blog universe? It HAS been a long time. I guess I didn't feel like having yet one more commitment/obligation in my life. Maybe I'm ready to express myself again. Why not? I suppose I have some things to share. :)

Since my last post, I have started my own business, celebrated 10 years of marriage to a wonderful man, lost a job that I hated in the first place, luckily found another one that is shaping up to be pretty incredible, and well a whole lot of everydays in between.

I haven't scrapped much and would like to dedicate time to do that. I haven't taken many pictures, either.

We welcomed another baby into the family this past weekend. Steffan Crane Tarcea. My brother in law and sister in law had their first baby and he's so cute! I cannot wait to hold him. It's incredible how life reminds you that even the small things are so important and can also be the big things.

I wonder if anyone reads this anymore. Mom, it just might be a place for me to share my thoughts with you. That's ok, right? Do you want photos, too? Ask & ye shall receive. A few random photos:

And of course, I can't leave without a shout out to my business, which dare I say is going so very well right now. I love Thirty-One! New Spring catalog just launched Feb. 1 and the products are so FUN! Check out my website:
where you can download the catalog, shop online, & just browse to learn a bit more about it and me. :) Here's some additional images of some of the great items that will have you organized and on the go in style!

Ok, so that's all for today. Hopefully much more to come. If you're out there - say hi. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moody Blues (Warning, it's a pathetic rant)

It's a band, right? Well, it's also a description of how I feel today. It's just a really ridiculously emotional & blah day. It's pouring rain outside. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Maybe it's because there are just days when you feel the world is against you. I should've retreated back under my covers and said, "you are right, universe!" I should listen to your wisdom more often.

I was late this morning, which never helps. And even though I told myself I wasn't going to do that anymore, it happened again. *sigh* Stupid commute and traffic. Ever have one of those days where you just want a friend to listen to you be awful and whiny, like Eeyore? Everyone loved him despite his melancholy mood. I feel like Eeyore today, only without my piglet and pooh. I got to work and I just feel like all that I need to get done won't and everyone I have to deal with I'd just rather not. I forgot my lunch, nothing good is for sale in the company store, and it's still gross outside so I'm not going anywhere for anything good. Boo hoo. Well, I have fought back the tears already more times than I can count. Why can't I be a big girl today? I wanna put my big girl pants on! I think they're still in the laundry.
I'm ready to spit out this day and have another one that's bright and cheery and warm. I wanna be a billionaire. Heard that song on the radio. That's pretty funny actually. I will survive. Another song. Perpetually over-karaoke'd.

Ok, so there's my pathetically whiny overture and quite the universal reminder that I'm far from perfect. Can't wait until the universe decides to remind me that I'm going to be ok. Oh, and a little sunshine wouldn't hurt. I'm putting in my order in hopes that the master chef has that on special tomorrow. :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Caribou cup spews encouragement, it goes a little something like this:

Go home early and play with your kids
Max out your passport
Stir emotions
Sip it, sip it good
Take a 7 day weekend
Run your feet, not your mouth
Your are as wonderful as your dog thinks you are
Teach a child to fish
Technology is good, but people are better
Re-read your favorite book
Question authority
Roll down the hill
Marry your sweetheart
Dream big, act bigger
Do more cannonballs
Surprise your BFF with a cup of coffee
Build communities not empires
Read poetry
Pick up the check
Give a kid some crayons
Sleep under the stars
Take the stairs
Tell someone you love them
Hold hands not grudges
Get there on two wheels
Do the hokey pokey
Say 5 nice things about the person sitting across from you
Kiss slowly and forgive quickly
Remember where you came from

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Twenty two lessons

Stacy has prompted me to make a list of 22 things that I learned as a Mother.
Think it's easy? You try it out and create your own list! (Don't forget to share yours in comments!)

Here's what I've learned:

1. Time goes by FAST! Really fast. Take lots of pictures.
2. I can actually multi-task. Really.
3. I have an impact on others. I'll let my kids sort out what was good or bad in therapy.
4. Just when you think you can't do anymore - you can.
5. Vomit always happens at night. It's like some weird nocturnal freaklike phenomena. And it's gross.
6. Nothing makes you feel more incompetent than helping with math homework above the third grade level. When did they decide to change all that stuff?
7. You will eventually have to look them in the eye and explain what really happened.
8. A penny saved is a penny found in the laundry.
9. A mother's work really is never done. So take some time out - spend it with your family or for yourself.
10. That no matter how much taller they are than me or older they get, they'll always be my baby. And I can still kick their butt.
11. Cuz I'm the Mom, that's why really works.
12. How to cheer someone on. REALLY full out until I no longer have a voice cheer or just the simple huggy kind.
13. The TV will stay on for all eternity unless I'm there to shut it off. Same goes with the bathroom light.
14. If Momma ain't happy, kisses always work. And hugs.
15. Patience only applies to your own kids. By the time you deal with them, there's not much left for anyone else.
16. Being flexible is the best resource for sanity.
17. It's a thankless job but I still accept gratitude.
18. I learned to respect my own mother and all mothers for that matter.
19. Mothers are not perfect but as long as I'm willing to keep trying, I will be good enough.
20. I don't have all the answers. (refer back to #6) That's why I surround myself with other amazing women, just in case in need something.
21. Helping hands are the best form of applause.
22. The journey is so worth taking.

Thank you Michaela & Megan!

Friday, March 19, 2010

More tidbits of everyday inspiration

Not only did I get a wonderful cup of dark chocolate espresso deliciousness this morning, but it comes with all these lovely phrases that are just terrific:

Thank a teacher
Learn to dance a jig
Laugh so hard you cry
Love what you brew, brew what you love
Make today special
Compliment a stranger
Do it for love, not for profit
Be a hero minus the dorky cape
Enter a pie eating contest
Start right now
Continue more conversations offline
Become a bee keeper
Smile first, ask questions later
Eat when you are hungry, Nap when you are tired
Grow older without ever growing up
Follow your heart
Take all your vacation days
Dance to your own rhythm

and my personal fave of the bunch:
Make time for silly

Have a wonderful weekend to all visitors! Be swell! :)